Three New Remixes to Reload Radio Slave's

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Three New Remixes to Reload Radio Slave's "Don't Stop, No Sleep"

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If you’ve been anywhere near a dancefloor since 2014, you’ve heard the stony, persistent vocal sample of Radio Slave’s single Don’t Stop, No Sleep implore you to keep dancing. The straightforward techno banger’s simple but insistent vocal hook, paired with it’s no-nonsense steady progression made for an ideal club weapon to layer into your primetime sets. Read more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Tune in to Listen to the Live Transmission of Tomorrow's Harvest

New Releases

The illusive Scottish duo Boards of Canada is set to host a live stream of their upcoming release Tomorrow's Harvest (their first full length album in eight years) today at 4PM EST on their website. However, you'd be forgiven for not knowing about it. The oblique promotional campaign, an internet scavenger hunt, which had zealous fans frantically trying to track down clues to numeric codes hidden throughout various physical, digital and broadcast media sources, has been deliberately under-hyped. Instead relying solely on fan's reverence, curiosity and patience to slowly unearth a six part number sequence that serves as the key to this password protected website featuring a somewhat menacing teaser video which alludes to the release of a new album, and makes the tension palpable, as the dim broadcast static slowly gives way to a semblance of sinister melodies, before displaying the new album cover. Read more...

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