Four Suspects to be Arrested for Parachuting from the Freedom Towervia: YouTube

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Everyone loves to shit on Dever. Why? Well, even back in the days before armchair explorers and iPhone photos and location vultures ruined everything, Dever still sucked pretty hard. Even today, if ask anyone where they took that hashtag-cool hashtag-photo on Instagram or whatever, and they’re gonna say it’s a photo from Dever. It’s funny because who the hell ever actually goes to Dever to take pictures? Well, after making a handful of trips out to Dever over the past couple years with a backpack full of beer and a camera …and only ever taking the beer out… I figured it was time to give the place a chance, and try to take some pictures there. Read more...

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Nestled deep in the woods of a small rural town, where the deer eat out of your hands, an old decrepit psychiatric facility sits encapsulated by nature. Ivy spirals up rusting ornate porch railings and old psychology books on shelves collect sediment from the deteriorating walls. Fresh air permeates the halls of the facility and there is no escaping the lush scent of spring vegetation. While on the second floor porch, I reclined in one of the many dilapidated wheelchairs to regain composure. As I looked off into the gnarled overgrowth, I felt completely at peace, a state of mind that I rarely, if ever, experience. Much like the first time you shared an “I love you” or that instant your head hit the windshield, that moment will forever be ingrained in my memories. Although that might not have been the circumstance for former inhabitants, I couldn't imagine a better place to go mad. It's quite magical.

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“Isn’t it scary?”

Sometimes people ask me if I’ve ever seen a ghost, or felt a “haunting presence” follow me around as I wander alone through an abandoned building. Other people want to know about the cops, “How do you get into these places? Isn’t that illegal?” As if something’s legality has ever stopped an honest person from doing anything. Read more...

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A couple of years ago, I made a trip with a friend named J out to Massachusetts to visit one of the state’s old Tuberculosis hospitals. This spot is well known for a short list of unique features, including a couple rooms with interesting medical machinery. It was a weird, informal and unplanned visit, and we hadn’t done much to get the temperature of the spot. Turns out the place had seen a lot of traffic, and security couldn't wait to meet us. Read more...