Three New Remixes to Reload Radio Slave's

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If you’ve been anywhere near a dancefloor since 2014, you’ve heard the stony, persistent vocal sample of Radio Slave’s single Don’t Stop, No Sleep implore you to keep dancing. The straightforward techno banger’s simple but insistent vocal hook, paired with it’s no-nonsense steady progression made for an ideal club weapon to layer into your primetime sets.

Well, just this past December, NonPuls+ is ready to get you reloaded with a trio of remixes for the ubiquitous track.

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First up is a reliably solid offering from the Detroit legend Robert Hood, who delivers with a sneering minimal tune which features sliced up vocals and punchy percussion, well-suited for any pitch-black dance floor equiped with a strobe and enough bass amps.

Next is a standout track from Tale of Us; a brooding, progressive missive which advances through churning atmospheric synths, pensively waiting nearly halfway into the track before unleashing the woofer with a huge four to the floor kick, surrounded by snapping and snarling high-hats.

The remix EP rumbles to a close with a track from Tresor label-mates Roman Poncet and DJ Deep, who bring you a huge, peak-hour dancefloor destroyer, complete with synth stabs and booming percussion, which starts out heavy and stays there right up until the last minute to round out the EP.

Be sure to head over to the official NonPlus+ Bandcamp and reload your arsenal right away, don’t stop no sleep.

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