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blackmask/pvd Site Icon That One Time a Bunch of Gangsters With Knives Tried To Beat The Shit Out of Us


“Isn’t it scary?”

Sometimes people ask me if I’ve ever seen a ghost, or felt a “haunting presence” follow me around as I wander alone through an abandoned building. Other people want to know about the cops, “How do you get into these places? Isn’t that illegal?” As if something’s legality has ever stopped an honest person from doing anything. Read more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Swampville Supermax Asylum


A couple of years ago, I made a trip with a friend named J out to Massachusetts to visit one of the state’s old Tuberculosis hospitals. This spot is well known for a short list of unique features, including a couple rooms with interesting medical machinery. It was a weird, informal and unplanned visit, and we hadn’t done much to get the temperature of the spot. Turns out the place had seen a lot of traffic, and security couldn't wait to meet us. Read more...