Help Keep the Freight Graffiti Documentary “Year-Round Metal Enjoyment” On Track

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Help Keep the Freight Graffiti Documentary “Year-Round Metal Enjoyment” On Track


Now three years in the making, Year-Round Metal Enjoyment is in its final leg of production. The graffiti documentary from Mint Films, based out of Maine, turns the lens on freight writers in the New England scene, and showcases work from the Circle-T & YME Crews, alongside interviews with writers, railfans and train workers. You can check out the teaser for the documentary on Vimeo here. Read more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Tune in to Listen to the Live Transmission of Tomorrow's Harvest

New Releases

The illusive Scottish duo Boards of Canada is set to host a live stream of their upcoming release Tomorrow's Harvest (their first full length album in eight years) today at 4PM EST on their website. However, you'd be forgiven for not knowing about it. The oblique promotional campaign, an internet scavenger hunt, which had zealous fans frantically trying to track down clues to numeric codes hidden throughout various physical, digital and broadcast media sources, has been deliberately under-hyped. Instead relying solely on fan's reverence, curiosity and patience to slowly unearth a six part number sequence that serves as the key to this password protected website featuring a somewhat menacing teaser video which alludes to the release of a new album, and makes the tension palpable, as the dim broadcast static slowly gives way to a semblance of sinister melodies, before displaying the new album cover. Read more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon The Patient Porch


Nestled deep in the woods of a small rural town, where the deer eat out of your hands, an old decrepit psychiatric facility sits encapsulated by nature. Ivy spirals up rusting ornate porch railings and old psychology books on shelves collect sediment from the deteriorating walls. Fresh air permeates the halls of the facility and there is no escaping the lush scent of spring vegetation. While on the second floor porch, I reclined in one of the many dilapidated wheelchairs to regain composure. As I looked off into the gnarled overgrowth, I felt completely at peace, a state of mind that I rarely, if ever, experience. Much like the first time you shared an “I love you” or that instant your head hit the windshield, that moment will forever be ingrained in my memories. Although that might not have been the circumstance for former inhabitants, I couldn't imagine a better place to go mad. It's quite magical.

blackmask/pvd Site Icon All the Good Stuff You Missed at the Awakenings Easter Special is Online Now

Live Sets

It's spring time in Amsterdam, which means that (in addition to a gnarly infestation of tulips) it's time to kick-off this year's techno festivals. The Awakenings Easter Special, a weekend long prelude to this summer's Awakenings Festival, happened last weekend at the Gashouder. Which, if your're not familiar, is a giant fucking industrial depot with a domed roof full of lazers and smoke machines and enough audio output to shake dust from the rafters on the other side of the North Sea. Read more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Chill New Deniro Farrar & Blue Sky Black Death Music Video for “This is It” from 120 Minutes in San Francisco

Music Videos

Tension. Behind Deniro Farrar's chill exterior is a mind churning with turmoil. This is a man who has lived it, and rhymes with candid honestly about growing up in struggle. The self-proclaimed patriarch of cult rap has released a new music video for the song “This is It” from his collaboration with Seattle's Blue Sky Black Death. Most of the video's crisp and stylishly edited footage was shot at the March instalment of San Francisco's underground ritual music night, 120 Minutes, which showcases the west coasts best dark beats and occult dance music every month. Read more...