Three New Remixes to Reload Radio Slave's

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Three New Remixes to Reload Radio Slave's "Don't Stop, No Sleep"

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If you’ve been anywhere near a dancefloor since 2014, you’ve heard the stony, persistent vocal sample of Radio Slave’s single Don’t Stop, No Sleep implore you to keep dancing. The straightforward techno banger’s simple but insistent vocal hook, paired with it’s no-nonsense steady progression made for an ideal club weapon to layer into your primetime sets. Read more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon Hours Brings Us A Menacing Techno Mix for the Airport Club Podcast


Hours, the Stuttgart-based techno producer has just dropped a brand new 1 hour dark techno mix for the Club Airport Podcast. The German producer began DJing in 2009 and has been a resident Lehmann Club (producers of the quality Lehmann Podcast) since 2010. After originally encountering the his sinister, dark and danceable sound with the track Trench Run a few years ago on a Driving Forces compilation, he's gone on to start the label Concepts of Time, and just released a brand new EP Endeavour on Mike Wall's Wall MusicRead more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon The Meaning of Life


Like most people, we painfully wait for Friday. Counting down the seconds at work (given we have an occupation) until we can all get in our cars and meet up. Every moment of free time during the week is spent using satellite, perusing the web, and planning out our weekend trip. Most people choose to spend the weekend relaxing in the comfort of their white walled apartment, watching Netflix. However, the idea of rappelling through roof skylights or having a beer in each state is much more appealing to us.  Read more...

blackmask/pvd Site Icon One Word Extinguisher


Everyone loves to shit on Dever. Why? Well, even back in the days before armchair explorers and iPhone photos and location vultures ruined everything, Dever still sucked pretty hard. Even today, if ask anyone where they took that hashtag-cool hashtag-photo on Instagram or whatever, and they’re gonna say it’s a photo from Dever. It’s funny because who the hell ever actually goes to Dever to take pictures? Well, after making a handful of trips out to Dever over the past couple years with a backpack full of beer and a camera …and only ever taking the beer out… I figured it was time to give the place a chance, and try to take some pictures there. Read more...